JJ Spetseris

Hi, I'm JJ.

I am a software engineer in Houston. I enjoy clean and readable code and studying new languages and frameworks. I am available for open source projects so feel free to contact me if you have something interesting in mind. When I am not coding, I like listening to music, traveling, watching sci-fi movies, and learning new things.

Featured Projects

Project Manager

This is a web app I built for DigitalCrafts' individual project week. It is build with React, Redux, React dnd, Firebase, and Material UI. Major Features of the app include multiple social login options, a live sync database, and a drag and drop UI.

I chose to make a project manager resembling Github's built in project manager or Trello, and this is what I have so far. It still lacks some of the functionality of those apps, but I did obtain my goal of solidifying my understanding of React and Redux. Before this project the 'Redux way' in general and the way props would be mapped to React states was hard for me to follow, but know I can add new props and dispatches with relative ease.

I also learned about the unfortunate state of drag and drop UI in react. Currently there does not seem to be a good backend that handles both desktop and mobile versions, just one or the other. I had to implement my own work around. I currently import both backends, check if the user is on mobile or not, and render with the current backend. I am still not fully satisfied with the current solution however. If I had to do the project over I would start with a mobile first design.

Drone Monitoring System

Drone Monitoring System
No Repo or Demo due to NDA

This project was built on request of a local company to their design specs. It’s a full-stack MERN build that simulates a drone flight and displays live sensor data as well as historical flights. I wrote the Node.js backend which connects to the drone via a web-socket connection. The drone sensor data is supplemented with weather data from an API call and calculated data such as distance traveled before being fed to the front end via another web-socket. All the live data is saved to a Mongo database of my design, which with a click of a button on the front end can be accessed and displayed in the various graphs and charts.

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Feel free to email me with comments, or just to say hello.

Alternatively, see more of my code or learn more about my experience with the links below.